Hello Melbourne! 

We are La Pinta,

a Spanish-inspired, Melbourne-born restaurant + bar.

You will find us at:

791 High St, Reservoir, Victoria

With the shared Italian, Spanish and French heritage of our team, we are the proud legacy of European migration to Melbourne.

Our spot on High Street has had many previous lives, with locals fondly recalling visiting the space when it was a beloved billiard room or espresso bar.

Some of these ventures may have cheekily skated the boundaries of legality at the time, but we can only admire their spirit! 

Being so steeped in history, we were careful to retain this sense of community while creating La Pinta. We chose to gently renovate the space, while still preserving details such as the decades-old murals daubed on the walls.  

Our blackboard menu is ever-changing, in order to prioritise seasonality. While things may change swiftly, we’ve provided a sample menu below, to give you an idea of our style. 

Most importantly, our ongoing focus is to support small-scale regenerative agriculture via our network of local farmers and producers.

By choosing to serve some of our wines, beers, and the odd cocktail on tap, we are not only supporting these local producers directly, but we are also helping combat packaging waste. Because of this, we are able to pour high quality wines from just $5 per glass.   

Our team are proud local residents, who have dreamed of opening a restaurant in this area for many years. 

We’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support over the past few months, and it’s been an absolute blast becoming part of the Reservoir food scene. 

It’s time to show you what we can really do! 


Team La Pinta

Wednesday – Friday 





We will be closed Good Friday 2nd April and Saturday 3rd April

Resuming normal hours from Wednesday 7th April.

 We only take bookings if you have a group of 5 or more.  To secure a table call us on

0492 818 032.

Alternatively, you can also send us an email. We ask that tables of 5 or more enjoy our family-style share menu, at $40/person. We are a small venue, so we require sufficient notice for a reduction in numbers or we would charge $50 per missing person.

On Saturdays, our kitchen stays open all day and the full menu is always available; come down for some mid-afternoon wine + tapas and larger plates. 



Phone: 0492 818 032

Address: 791 High St, Reservoir, Victoria, 3073 



(Sample menu, our menu changes frequently)



House made sourdough & Frattali EVOO $5

Anchovies(4) $5

Olives $5

Salty nuts $5

Pickled Vegetables $5

Salami, Finochiata & Calabrese $10

Split fava beans, Zucchini dip $10

Tortilla de Patatas $5


Gem lettuce with salted ricotta and whey dressing $10

Grilled Peaches with forage Frais and honeyed thyme  $10

Sardines Venetian Style (3) $10

Chargrilled Mackerel with reserved Broad Beans, Scapes and capers $10

Fried Anaheim Peppers with goat cheese and almonds $10

Tomatoes with black olives, Chilis and sesame $15

Grilled Courgettes with Squash jam and pumpkin seeds $10

Chargrilled Cuttlefish with Capsicum Salsa $15

Cured Snapper with Cucumbers and Radishes $15

Grilled Ox Tongue with Lentils and Tropea onions $10

Pan fried Beef Heart with pickled red onions and parmesan $10

 Chargrilled Octopus with Preserved plums $20

Spoia Lorda (mini ravioli) stuffed with ricotta Cacio e Pepe $20

Crumbed Pig’s Head Nugget with Cumquat and Smoked Pork Sauce $20

Roasted Potatoes with Thyme $10

BOCADILLO (Saturday lunch only)

Bread Crumbed Tommy Ruff (Oz Herring) with lettuce, tomatoes and wakame on House Made Ciabatta $15

CHEESES with Lavosh

Mount Priscilla, Adelaide Hills (Tommy style) $10

L’artisan Washed Rind Rouge, Otways $10


Plums  Financier cake $5

Armagnac mini Canelé $3

Burnt Basque Cheese Cake $5


We a proudly serving a selection of local + imported wine, beer and spirits.

Come in to check out our dry vermouth on tap, our Aperas and our various local wines on tap, starting at $5 a glass!


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