At La Pinta, our focus is pretty simple. We want to serve you great food and booze, in a friendly environment. 

Now that density limits have lifted in Melbourne, we feel like we are moving into second gear. Considering La Pinta’s relatively short tenure, we are really proud of our growth. It’s been one helluva ride!

Being so steeped in history, we were careful to retain a sense of community while creating La Pinta. We are proudly the product of Melbourne’s rich multiculturalism. 

Our spot on High Street has had many previous lives, with locals fondly recalling visiting the space when it was a beloved billiard room or espresso bar.

Some of these ventures may have cheekily skated the boundaries of legality at the time, but we can only admire their spirit! 

We chose to create La Pinta in a quiet little pocket of Reservoir, and we are here to stay.  We may be a local place, but we also love seeing new faces. Our location also gives us some breathing room from the craziness of the city, and provides lots of nearby parking. 

Most importantly, our ongoing focus is to support small-scale regenerative agriculture via our network of local farmers and producers. Without them, La Pinta would not be possible.

See you at the bar!


Team La Pinta